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Make 2018 the year in which you take your life closer to how you want it to be..

Welcome to the site.

My name is Ambrose Hardy and - within this site - I have put together a number of self-help and personal development links to programs aimed at helping you to improve the quality of your personal lifestyle. All the digital packages advertised here are taken from the Clickbank Marketplace, which is one of the biggest and most well established commercial companies in digital marketing.

Packages are obtained by digital download: this means that - after payment - you are provided with a link which allows you to immediately download the package purchased, whatever the time of day or night. Nearly all purchases from Clickbank are provided with a four to six week refund if the package does not reach your expectations. Details of this refund policy will normally appear on the individual vendor’s website, which you will reach when you click on the link provided on this site.

In my choice of programs taken from the Clickbank Marketplace, I have tried to select those which seem to me to present good value and substantial appropriate content. In terms of price, I have aimed at selecting those which are in the low to middle range offerings.

I believe the great benefit of this site is that you can, at your leisure, easily and comfortably scan a wide range of self-help packages without having to jump from site to site: and without any pressure being placed on you to make a quick purchase. However, I have to point out that I have not totally researched or fully worked through any of the packages listed on this site and, therefore, exhort you to take care and time before you part with your money. Most of the packages listed seem to me to be well-intentioned and genuine, but from time to time occasional ones can be scams or less than truthful in their claims.

My advice: do not be in a hurry to purchase. Sometimes, vendors will claim that the price asked will expire within a few hours or days. Do not be pressured by this. In my experience, most great deals with these packages will cost the same a few days later. Do read through what the vendor’s site says - and, if possible, try to compare what is offered to what is available elsewhere.

Some people would argue that the best way to plan and achieve personal lifestyle changes is to hire the services of a counsellor or paid life coach. I have no doubt that this can be a wise practice in certain circumstances. But in to-day’s world many individuals simply cannot afford the high fees usually involved or are unsure about how to find the most appropriate professional. It seems to me that - in these circumstances - self-help and self-help programs can serve a most beneficial purpose and can come close to directing an individual’s  path to lifestyle improvement. Of course, there are always situations in which a person will need the skilled help of a medical or other professional provider. For this latter group, the packages available via this web site are probably not of great help, except when working under the supervision of a professional.

A little about myself. I am a retired person who is interested in promoting personal growth and development programs. I do not do this for personal financial interests but as a free service to others. Over recent years I have put together a free online self-help coaching program called the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan. It has a dedicated web site which leads the reader in step by step fashion to establish a personal plan for renewing their lifestyle. More detail about this appears on the page Phoenix Plan. However, the Phoenix Plan is really more about how to set up and work through a plan with your self-chosen goals. Therefore, it perhaps lacks the detail about particular problems [e.g. anxiety, depression, work problems, loneliness, relationships ]  or worthwhile practices [meditation, spirituality, fitness, nutrition]. For this reason, it seems to me a valuable service to set up a site such as this which gives everyone the opportunity to obtain a package which may be directly related to their area of need. Such packages can be used in conjunction with the free Phoenix Plan or used to supplement it.

If you purchase any item on this site the sale goes through the Clickbank Marketplace and I obtain a small commission on the sale. However, any funds derived in this way will ordinarily be used to fund the range of free personal growth web sites I create and host entirely at my own expense. More detail on these sites is available on the Free Phoenix Plan page.

When you use the Phoenix Plan, you are never asked to submit your email or any personal details. Everything is provided as a free service.

A paperback outlining the full Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan, now in its second edition [2014: 200 pages], called Change Your Life In Ten Weeks is available on Amazon at a modest price. However, a full version of this paperback - but in PDF format - is freely available to you online [for details see Free Ebook page].

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